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The Effect of Glycolic acid peeling and Seaweed peeling on keratosis pilaris

Journal : JKAIS(한국산학기술학회논문지)

Author : Seo-Yeon Park, Jae-Nam Lee

Published date : 2018


This study was conducted to investigate the effects of seaweed peeling (SP), glycolic acid peeling (GP) and general scrub (GS), which are widely known as cures for acne in both medicine and esthetics on the keratosis pilaris skin and provide basic data for a keratosis pilaris improvement program. For the experiment, subjects were categorized into control (GS) and experimental (GP and SP) groups, and tests were performed on arms and legs with relatively high keratosis pilaris symptoms (5 parts for each group) for 6 weeks. The keratin quantity, sebum content, moisture level and pigmentation were measured before and after (2, 4 and 6 weeks) the experiment and comparatively analyzed. The GP group showed an increase in moisture level (t=-4.064, p<0.01) but a decrease in pigmentation (t=3.536, p<0.01), while a decrease in keratin quantity (t=2.370, p<0.05) and pigmentation (t=4.017, p<0.01) was observed in the SP group and a decrease in keratin quantity (t=2.834, p<0.05) and an increase in moisture level (t=-7.589, p<0.001) was observed in the control group (GS). Additionally, the skin irritation reaction was lowest in the GS group. The SP group had the highest satisfaction with the improvement in response to keratosis pilaris care. When asked if they were willing to get the treatment with the same product, both SP and GP groups were high. In other words, keratosis pilaris care was needed in both experimental and control groups. Overall, the results of this study indicate that SP, GP and GS, which are commonly used in remedying acne, normalize turnover cycle by removing the dead cells from around the pores and improve keratosis pilaris symptoms by increasing moisture in the skin. Therefore, to improve keratosis pilaris skin, it is important to keep removing keratin and using a moisturizer that provides a skin barrier on a regular basis. The results presented herein will be useful as basic data for a keratosis pilaris improvement program.

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