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Effects of Spicule and Curcumin on an Improvement in Keratosis Pilaris

Journal : Asian journal of beauty and cosmetology

Author : Joungwha Yoo, Shun Hua

Published date : 2015


This study aimed to find the effects of curcumin and spicule on keratosis pilaris for women in their twenties. 28 areas of arms and legs with the symptoms of keratosis pilaris were selected and divided into four groups (7 areas per group), the carrier, the spicule, the curcumin, and the curcuspi group. The groups were managed once a week for a total of six times. Water content, sebum content, the erythema index, and the melanin index were measured in three and six weeks, and evaluated with pictures and the naked eye. As a result, the water content significantly increased in the curcumin group (p<.05). When spicule was solely used, the melanin and the erythema index significantly increased (p<.05). When spicule and curcumin were used together, an increase in the melanin index was reduced, but there was no significant difference in the erythema index. Curmin improved the rough skin caused by keratosis pilaris in an evaluation on magnified pictures. The state of keratosis pilaris was significantly improved in the curcuspi group as a result of a visual evaluation (p<.01). In conclusion, the stimultaneous use of spicule and curcumin exercised a positive effect on an improvement in keratosis pilaris. It was considered that they might be used as the keratosis pilaris treatment product.

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