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The Effect of Micro-Spicule Containing Epidermal Growth Factor on Periocular Wrinkles

Journal : Annals of Dermatology,

Author : Jeong-min Ha, Cho-ah Lim, Kyuboem Han, Jong-cheon Ha, Hae-eul Lee, Young Lee, Young-joon Seo, Chang-deok Kim, Jeung-hoon Lee,Myung Im

Published date : 2017


Background: Micro-needle patches have been recently used to increase skin permeability, which improves drug delivery, and for cosmetic purposes. However, these patches may of-ten have limited efficacy due to insufficient skin penetration and reduced compliance caused by discomfort. Objective: We evaluated the efficacy and the safety of soluble micro-spi-cule containing epidermal growth factor (MS-EGF) for the treatment of periocular wrinkles. Methods: Twenty healthy volunteers aged 33 to 54 years were enrolled in a random-ized, controlled, split-face study. For 4 weeks, a periocular wrinkle was treated daily with either a soluble MS-EGF cream or a cream containing EGF alone. All subjects under-went 8 weeks of follow-up. Efficacy was assessed using an ul-trasonic measurement of dermal depth and density, digital skin image analysis, 5-point photonumeric scale for peri-ocular wrinkles and subjective satisfaction. Results: MS-EGF group showed statistically significant increase of dermal depth and density compared to EGF alone group after 4 and 8 weeks. In addition, there was a marked improvement shown in clinical and 3-dimensional skin image in MS-EGF group. The treatments were well-tolerated; no significant side-effect was noted. Conclusion: The MS-EGF formulation may represent an effective and biocompatible advance in the treatment of periocular wrinkles.

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